Stay Safe • Stay Visible • Stay Alive

    If you’re stranded in the water, hypothermia is a real threat. Land Shark insulates you from the cold, but keeps you visible to Search & Rescue crews. Be prepared for anything with Land Shark.


    Stay warm • Stay Dry • Stay Alive

    Being prepared keeps a bad day from turning into a really bad day. The number one killer in most survival situations is exposure to the elements. Hot, cold, wet, or dry – with a Land Shark, you’re ready for it all.


    Stay Hidden • Stay Protected • Stay Alive

    In some disaster scenarios, survival means not being found. Land Shark combines the power of digital camouflage with thermal cloaking to keep you off the grid. When staying hidden is your top priority, increase your odds with Land Shark.


    More than just a simple space blanket

    If it’s possible you could find yourself in an unexpected survival situation, Land Shark is for you. Rest easy knowing if things don’t go your way, you’ll still be warm, dry, and protected with your Land Shark Instant Survival Shelter & Stealth Bag.

    Heat Retaining

    A micro-thin layer of aluminized film keeps you warm in the cold.

    Vapor Barrier

    Windproof, waterproof, and ready to keep you alive in the nastiest conditions.

    Military Grade

    Built to reduce punctures and tears during rigorous use.